New Twitter Bot For nshrine

please-note The day before yesterday I finally spent some time redoing nshrine’s twitter bot.

Just like before, all you need is to start a tweet with “@nshrine” and nshrine will light a candle for you and send you back a link to it. You can let other twitter users know when you light a candle for them, just tweet “@nshrine @artwells you are awesome!”. You’ll get a link an I’ll get a link.

There are more options, directing candles to specific open shrines and choosing colors. Take a look:

I’m tempted to revisit wingmail’s bot, making it two way. There’re so many good ideas to follow.

facebook programming technology

Hyping The Latest

75x75icon2I just launched my latest facebook application. Working with goopymart, I built a vibing/messaging application highlighting the great goopiness of goopy’s artwork. Three characters are available at first, but more are available the more you use it. Give it a whirl!


For you technical types, this was a great way to ramp up my skills in FBML, FBJS, the facebook API and the Data Store API. Unlike the nshrine facebook app, the simplicity of this application allowed for the exploration of a lot more technology. I strongly recommend it as an exercise.