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Inspiration All Around

wcpdx I’m attending Wordcamp Portland and am surrounded by sparks of inspiration. The buzz and the tools and the cause are filling my mind with flashing todo items and means to do them.

First on my list is to blog more of course. When this entry is two months old and I haven’t added anything, I’ll feel horrible, but for now, dammit, I want to start writing more. Also, I need to return to the several plug-ins I’ve written, and release them into the wild. At least one of them contains some methods and techniques and fulfills the purpose of the gallery presentation here, and then some and it’s a shame I’ve kept it to myself and unfinished.

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Pruning and Weaving

willow-wovenMy son and I worked on the willow hut yesterday. Today I worked on some inherited spaghetti code.

The winter die-off was woven in with new growth. It was difficult to find which part should be snapped off, which brought to the light, which woven back to hold the thing together. I snipped and pulled and made a mess of it. For a while it even lost much of its shape.

Now the ceiling is higher, though the walls are thinner. The door is a bit too tall and the back wall is still too thin, but this summer promises strong growth.

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Hyping The Latest

75x75icon2I just launched my latest facebook application. Working with goopymart, I built a vibing/messaging application highlighting the great goopiness of goopy’s artwork. Three characters are available at first, but more are available the more you use it. Give it a whirl!


For you technical types, this was a great way to ramp up my skills in FBML, FBJS, the facebook API and the Data Store API. Unlike the nshrine facebook app, the simplicity of this application allowed for the exploration of a lot more technology. I strongly recommend it as an exercise.