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Find Love First

I’ve troubled myself a great deal recently wondering whether or not I’ve missed opportunities that could of made my financial situation better. I think about the professional ambition that I avoided thinking that it was either dishonest or too prideful, or at least something other than the love of good work.

I found this sign while fretting. No doubt it fell off of a sofa or exercise machine while someone was hauling it off the curb, but out of context it was a great find. I realized that I have worked hard to get what’s most important to me to be ready for what’s free to me now. It’s hard to remember that because it’s all around me every day. I’ve got a great wife and great children, and that wasn’t even remotely possible to me in the past.

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They say love is free. I think not. It just requires a different kind of effort. Maybe what is really meant is that you can’t buy love with money. Well, not real love anyway.

Well said, Elaine. I agree that you can’t buy real love with money. But like freedom, there is a cost for keeping it. Good things need to be cultivated and cared for; even if it requires blood, sweat and tears sometimes.

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