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(No pictures this time.  My camera is dying and I can’t afford a new one just yet, besides, it’s just a paperclip.  Imagine it.)

On my walk, I was being overly concerned about money.  About a block a way, I saw something shiny in the gutter, something certainly metal.  I’ve found jewelry plenty of times before and this seemed a possibility.

A paperclip holds paper together by being bent, and clinging to a bent shape.  Its grip is relatively loose, and temporary.  A staple holds by piercing.  I will think about staples.

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Okay. I’m thinking paper clip in the gutter or just teetering on the edge, maybe, of sliding into the drain. Is the ground dry? Is it wet? Is it damp? Is the paper clip alone or in the company of other detritus? Inquiring minds want to know. I wish a new camera to you. By the way, I’m still jealous of your time spend meditating all day. I could do that for a year if I sold everything and lived in a tent. See! I really don’t want to sell everything.

It was very dry and the paper clip was close to that part of the gutter which can almost be called “in the street”.

And to be clear, it’s been a long, long time since I committed a significant part of my day meditating. Still the walks serve well as something.

Meant to type “spent” not “spend” meditating. I did get that it was something you did in the past. Still wish I could do some of that now.

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