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A Word For It

Wall HeartWhat I most want to write about, I don’t know how to name.  That leaves pointing and shrugging, I guess.

I’ve spent a lot of my life doing some sort of faithless divination, looking for signs that I know have no meaning and giving them meaning.  In, I’ve placed some things based on an nonacademic, unfaithful interpretation of the I-Ching (newwings) and Tarot (refind) and even one based on Ouija (weja–which was pulled after a nastygram from Hasbro).

The exploration that’s changed my life most, though was wingmail. I wrote this nearly every day for about eight years (3000 days). It changed the way I look at everything.

I continue now looking at stuff and trying to read and to force meaning into it all. I’m dabbling in photography based on it. I regularly stop on my daily walks having discovered something simple that had some immediately stunning meaning to me that has no real relation to the thing itself.

So, what do I call that?


Intent and False Starts

Oranged Weed Sprout I think I’ll be sticking with this one.  I’ve had some false starts at blogging, but I have some faith that I know what I’m doing this time.  Most improbably, this time I think I have the confidence to keep up something that has nothing to do with anything but what I think and want.

I’ve been nearly popping with ideas that have no other suitable forum.  My usual venues are either too technical or not playful enough to welcome the sort of speculation and wrongness I need to explore.

So let’s see.