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Shovel Ready

shovel-readyI made yet another commitment today to being hopeful. I’m finding less and less of my failures have to do with my circumstances and more and more have to do with me. I’m finally becoming convinced from this that much of my successes are not from good fortune alone or even primarily.

Though I have no job, I’ve never worked harder, never done more. I’m taking on projects and making connection. I’m becoming expert in things that only months ago were opaque boundaries.

Will used to be for me an independent force, something that drove towards roads yet to be built trailing hope. Intent, I felt, lead to power. Now it seems that intent belongs to power. We build the roads we want, perhaps first by wanting, but mostly by bending to the path.

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“Will to power” is my favorite motto. That being said, circumstance has more to do with it than I like.

I think you had it down the other day when you recommended:

-apply for jobs, even those I don’t want, can’t do, won’t get
-contact old friends
-take on unpaid projects for the purpose of self-promotion
-acquire mad skillz
-meet/correspond with encouraging folk

Those are the keys to the castle. Twist circumstance to your benefit.

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