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Listening Clean

I’ve been listening for more than I’ve been listening to lately. In most of my life so far, these groups are greatly overlapped, so these times are easily passed. I try listen for a voice and it starts to speak. I listen to a beat and I can make my own music.
Now, I’m getting a long silence. There are noises that drop into the background, quickly uncomprehended and then quickly forgotten, but mostly, there’s silence.

I’ve been listening for answers and missing the music I pass. I’ve heard the clean noise and left it unlistened to.

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To Small Things A Short Reach

I’ve been overly anxious about many things for about a week. My life has growing concerns. This morning my walk was nearly ruined by heavily-rutted thinking about things about which I could do nothing.

Once I saw the tweezers, all the problems seemed like slivers. Of concern, but so small and barely dangerous and, most of all, better dealt with by finer thinking.