To Small Things A Short Reach

I’ve been overly anxious about many things for about a week. My life has growing concerns. This morning my walk was nearly ruined by heavily-rutted thinking about things about which I could do nothing. Once I saw the tweezers, all the problems seemed like slivers. Of concern, but so small and barely dangerous and, most …

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The Center of The Fountain

When I was studying quantum physics, I remember hearing that there was a way of seeing the world as a web of incommensurable wavelengths and that all material is composed of the unique co-incidences of these wavelength. Each thing was composed of infinite waves coming together once in one place. I can’t recall any reason …

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As Far As I Can Tell

I remember doing an experiment in college that demonstrated that light behaved as if it were composed of particles. Then we demonstrated that, no, it’s actually composed of waves without a medium. Of course, it’s not that simply confusing. Nonetheless, it was a great provocative experience. When I see something that appears as a symbol …

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Drop To

Environmentalism is popular. Regardless of this popularity’s value as an approach to the problems of pollution and energy conservation, it creates a cultural space for valuing what we leave behind. We don’t throw things away. We hand them off.