No Really, The Answers Aren’t Down There

I’ve been on a strong atheistic kick lately. I’ve really lost most of my patience for my impulsive defensiveness about this too. I’m here now and pretty happy.

I got caught on a funny loop on a walk the other day. Being wholly atheistic makes me love people more. People are mostly theistic. I become more tolerant of religions thereby. But wait, if I care about people I should care that they believe in the truth. That last step is escaping me no matter how many frothy, militant atheists I listen to, but it is a conclusion I take, but not to heart.

Confused, I look down and saw this. It’s hardly dropped from heaven, or satori, or whatever, as there’s a temple across the street that has been the source of fantastic litter in the past. Nonetheless, my own absurd religion caused me to contemplate its possible meaning for an hour or so.

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  1. Art, I’ve enjoyed your shake on for a while now, & was pleased to see your blog. I know how you feel. I was raised in the predominant faith in Utah, but have begun to explore other possibilities, and have come to the same conclusion. I’m more aware of how religion and overly religious people have damaged this earth and continue to do so. Religious people seek reward. Spiritual people seek understanding.

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