Finding Voice

I went to Wordcamp Portland yesterday.  Though I couldn’t stay for the whole event, and I’m far from a wordpress power user, it was still quite inspirational.  I met good, positive people and saw some shining examples of people doing what they loved with good tools.

Though I learned something immediately useful, and somethings that helped me rethink my weak approach to blogging, it could have been a day long conference on fly-tying, or quilting, or chain-saw sculpture. In my current situation, I just need to know that things can work.


  1. It was great meeting everyone there. Glad we could help you rethink your blogging approach. I’m so excited about being a new part of the Portland blog and open source tech community and anxious to learn from everyone. It’s an amazing group. Lucky us!

    Thanks for being a part of the event.

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